Bighorn Award

Updated 03/03/11

Don Andersen awarded Order of the Bighorn

Text from Order of the Bighorn Program

Award Recipient: Donald Andersen

Don Andersen is well known as a friend and advocate for trout and streams in west-central Alberta.

Don often volunteers to help biologists with fish surveys and planting trout eggs in his area. With Trout Unlimited, he organized more than 100 volunteer weekend work parties to rebuild stream banks by planting trees and vegetation to restore banks to their original condition.

In 1994 he began a three-year project to narrow more than 2 km of a creek that have become very wide and laden with silt, due to years of improper grazing practices and beaver activity. Don restored the stream banks by reseeding them with grass and planting trees.

He also worked to restore the Stainbrook Springs, a major trout spawing location. With the help of volunteers, Don flushed accumulated silt from the springs with powerful water pumps and planted many trees to restore the stream banks. When the Stainbrook property came up for sale in 2001, he helped raise funds to purchase and preserve it for Albertans.

Over the years, Don has volunteered thousands of hours and his own resources to improve fisheries habitat and protect trout. He has also conducted fundraising activities in support of many wildlife conservation organizations.

Other projects and activities

  • Elk Creek Ponds – structure installation
  • Harlech and Nordegg Trout Pond Water Quality enhancement
  • Shrader Creek assessment
  • Clear Creek stream enhancement
  • Vibert Box study – first in Province
  • North Ram River – lobby for C&R regulations
  • Fish Stocking enhancement @ Twin Lake near Rocky
  • Construction of Rocky Children’s Fish Pond
  • Bank Stabilization Stauffer Creek
  • Beaver Control Stauffer and Clear Creeks
  • Elk Creek Riparian Study
  • Central Alberta Lake Study
  • Ironside Pond  Aeration Project



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