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Don Andersen

What is available now?

I build trout rods - simple isn't it? In models from 6'0" for a 2 wt. to 8'0" 6 wts. I can also build rods to suit my customer.

Rod Furnishings

Each rod is equipped with a Mildrtum Strupping guide, Super Z Nickel Silver Ferrules, chrome snake guides and tip top., nickel silver downlocking cap and sliding ring reel seat c/w zebra wood insert of my own design, hookkeeper and nickel silver winding check. The handle is modified cigar shape constructed of the best cork available.

Each rod comes with two tips, an aluminum case and rod bag.


6’ 2 wt.
This rod is an culmination of several years of building to get a true 2 wt. rod. The rod is designed to fish flies smaller than size 10 in brushy or small streams. The rod is fast for its size.

7’ 9" 5 wt.
This rod is the master of my rod stable and is used for nearly all conditions. Full flexing, the rod will cast a broad range of flies. From the spring creeks of Montana to the rapid freestoners of western Alberta, this is my rod of choice. A number of series of rods have been built around the 7’9" length that vary in actions to suit the fisherman. 

8' 0" 5 wt. The Plan
This rod was designed to handle larger flies and longer casts for the western rivers that so many of us fish or would like to some day. The Plan tapers play homage to the legendary builders of the past and is best described as a parabolic rod. Several years in the testing stage, this taper has been used successfully in angling adventures around the west.

8’ 6 wt. Parabolic
A very strong rod capable of casting long distances with a minimum of effort. Used extensively to handle large fish.

8'3" 6 wt. 
John Bokstrom Cuthroat Taper. John, who was a personal friend, shared this taper with me many years ago. He worked up this taper to for persuing Cutthroat who are feeding on Alevins [spawned salmon] on the Fraser River and Tributaries. I made sereral rods utilizing this taper and really like the rod for fishing lakes for trout.This taper is vailable in both hollowsed and solid designs.


Several years ago I made a donation rod for the Edmonton Trout Unlimited Lloyd Shea Habitat Fund. Starting with a Garrison taper, I modified it both in length and dimension. Boy, did it cast well and was a hit amoung the casteres who tried it. From that experiment, I went to work on a bunch of tapers all  in the 7'9" length to carry 3, 4 and 5 weight lines. They are now ready for sale. The tapers are faster than most of the tapers I have built and like all of Garrison tapers, they are very easy to cast.


I have an extensive library of rod tapers from the Master Rod Builders of old.  The libaray includes tapers by Dickerson, Paul Young, Garrison, Payne plus a extensive group of comtemporary builders such as Thramer, Orivs and Winston. If you wish a taper to be replicated,  give me a call or send an email.On the What is Available Now page I have for sale several rods utilizing tapers of the masters. Many of the these tapers I use myself.


A number of options are available @ extra cost. These include:

  • wrapping colors
  • handle shape
  • reel seat
  • ferrule metal bluing


Contact me for current pricing at: donandersen@bamboorods.ca  or

Don Andersen


Deposit of 50% is required on all rods And the balance is due prior to delivery.

Some models are stock and are available quickly whereas a waiting list is required for other models. First come - first served.

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