Fine hardwood fishing nets handcrafted in the Foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains.

                            The Big Boy

        Two hoop sizes with three handle lengths are available to suit your fishing styles and needs.
                       All nets are available with your choice of mesh or rubber bags.

                    Boat Net with optional handle lengths

                                             Pack Net


Pack Net                      
-  hoop, 13" Wide X 17" Long                c/w 9" Handle,             $89.99 c/w mesh bag  $99.99 w/ rubber bag

Mid Length Boat Net
   - hoop 13"Wide  X 17" Long                c/w 18" Handle               $109.99 w/ mesh     $119.99 w/ rubber

Long Boat Net            - hoop 13" Wide X 17" Long                c/w 36" Handle              $129.99 w/ mesh      $139.99 w/ rubber

Big Boy                    - hoop  8" Wide  X 24" Long                c/w 36" Handle               $149.99 w/ mesh      $139.99 w/ rubber

Nets may be custom built to your specifications.

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