The Clearwater Hole

Well it is really not a hole on the Clearwater River but is one big damn pond to hold water for Oilfield Fracking activties south of Rocky Mountain House.
What I can glean, Repsol, an energy company applied and was granted a license to extract water from the Clearwater River for fracking operations. The hole, located 1/4 mile east of Qually's
Corner on the South Prairie Creek road  is one big SOB.
The Clearwater River water will be used on the 280 wells planned to be drilled oveer the next 18 years. When the water is to be extracted is not known. Gotta do some more reaearch.

Here are several views of the hole.

While I don't have actual dimensions, the side wall appears about 7 yards high with the length 500 yards and wide near 700 yards.

I am hoping that the hole will be fenced with a high Frost Style fence to keep wildlife from sliding in and drowning. There have a number of
animals die + one person who slide down the plastic liner and were unable to get out in the area.

For those curious about Repsol, here is thier web presence.